Supporting the Turkey and Syria Earthquake Tragedy

The recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria has left a trail of destruction, loss of life, and countless people in need of support. As a community of learners and educators, LD Training has a responsibility to help and make a difference in any way we can. In this blog post, we discuss the way that LD Training is supporting the earthquake victims and how you can be part of this noble cause.

Donating Funds for Relief Efforts

LD Training is also encouraging students, staff, and faculty to make a donation no matter how big or small, to support the relief efforts on the ground. All funds collected will be directed towards the most critical needs, including food, shelter, medical supplies, and other essentials. If you would like to contribute to this effort, you can do so by clicking the ‘Donate now’ button below and making a donation.

In conclusion, LD Training is committed to supporting the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria in any way we can. We invite you to join us in this noble cause and help make a difference in the lives of the people affected by this tragedy. Together, we can bring hope and support to those who need it the most.

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