Welcome to our brand guidelines hub, a place for our partner guidelines and assets. These guidelines have been developed to ensure that our brand remains clear, no matter where it is displayed.

Using our logo

We are proud of our logo, which is why it is important to follow the guidelines below in order to ensure it always looks its best.

Using the icon

Our icon is a shorter version of our logo. Only use the icon on its own if there is not enough space for the full logo or when our brand has already been established. The icon can be used without the wordmark, but the wordmark can not be used without the icon.

Which colour logo to use

Our regular colour logo should only be used on a white background or other very light backgrounds.

The black logo should only be used on light colored backgrounds. The white logo should only be used on dark colored backgrounds.

Exclusion zone

The logo and icon should always have enough space around it, which is equal to half of the icon.

Minimum size

The logo and icon should not be smaller than the specifics below as to ensure it remains clear to the viewer.

The logo should never be smaller than 100px in digital or 24mm in print.

The icon should never be smaller than 25px in digital or 6mm in print.

Logo misuse

It’s important that the appearance of the logo remains the same. The logo or icon should not be changed in any way, this includes being modified or added to. Its rotation, colours, and composition should remain the same as when it was downloaded from this webpage, with no exceptions.

Using our colours

Our main colour is LDT Orange, it is what identifies us as a brand. The colours should only be used on fitting and contrasting backgrounds where the colour is clear.

Orange: #F05409

Dark Grey: #272727

Light Grey: #989898

Black: #000000


What font to use?

Rockwell Nova is the font used in the logo.

Montserrat is used in the website as well as in any marketing material.

Calibri is the standard font for our documents, 11pt for text, 12pt for sub heading and 14pt for heading.