About Us

Education Inspires Change

LD Training was established as an Independent Training Provider within the further education sector in 2009, offering bespoke vocational learning to adult learners helping both individuals and organisations fulfil their potential through nationally accredited training programmes/qualifications, with our Head Office based in Edgware and now Stanmore.  LD Training provides access education qualification opportunities within a flexible delivery model that enables students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organisations and provide leadership and service to their communities, as stated within the mission of the organisation. Over the past 12 years, LD Training has successfully delivered over 12000 qualifications, across various sectors including; business; management; health and social care; early years; education; hospitality; retail; construction and functional skills, from Entry level through to Level 5 and specialises in providing education to hard to reach communities.

Having become a well-established organisation in the Government funded training sector, LD Training diversified into tertiary education in 2019 in order to strengthen its portfolio and to provide ongoing career progression opportunities for our alumni. In this regard, LDT secured a collaborative partnership agreement with Leeds Trinity University to offer a BA (Hons) Business and Management with a Foundation Year in Business from September 2019 at our campuses in London (Stanmore), Dudley and Nottingham. Following the successful delivery of our Leeds Trinity Partnership, we were successful in our approach to the University of Suffolk for a second collaborative partnership in order to provide our students with a greater choice of education pathway utilising a Foundation Year.

LD Training (LDT) firmly believe in lifelong learning, and that everyone should have the opportunity to further their education, chase their dreams and be given a supportive and accommodating environment in which to flourish. As such we believe offering the opportunity to access higher education via a student focused and flexible delivery method to our students and the wider community provides the opportunity of continued education to all, no matter of their background. Our vision will always be driven by our commitment to quality and dedication to provide our students with a rounded student experience, gaining an academic qualification, along with exceptional employability skills and continued self-development. LD Training has a discernible and distinctive educational philosophy which is atypical of many private sector educational providers. Student/Learner satisfaction and success, widening access to education and training and investment in our staff are three distinctive features of the LDT philosophy.

LD Training is run by a hugely experienced team of high calibre training professionals who have vision, energy, innovative strategic drive and crucially relevant resources behind them. They have an established reputation as one of the most reliable and successful PRIMES in the UK Government training sector, with a coherent and integrated business model which has been operational for over 12 years and is highly effective.

Over the last 12 years we have built very strong relationships with communities, charities, employers and students, as such, we have a vast array of experience and knowledge about the educational sector, the demand for flexible higher educational delivery and a student focused and community led delivery methodology. We have widened participation successfully within education across all levels from entry through to level 5 as evidenced by our proud history of working alongside local communities to provide the opportunity for growth and development for under privileged and hard to reach groups. These strong community links have enabled us to progressively move towards meeting our overall organisational vision and mission statement.

LD Training is committed to providing a unique student-focused learning experience that is centred around, providing our students with the best possible student experience. At LDT, our student-focused and flexible approach to learning is at the heart of all that we do, ensuring every student is given the best possible support and environment in which to flourish, ensuring the students of LDT are given both the academic and pastoral support needed to achieve their academic goals successfully is at the forefront of everything that we do. LDT is proud to say that the student experience provided gives our students more than just an academic qualification and as such we have implemented various strategies to add value to our student experience and provide them with the necessary support and engagement which ensures they progress both academically and personally whilst studying with us.

Our Vision

To continue to be a leading provider of both FE and HE educational pathways for all, irrespective of background, academic level or ambition, utilising world-class and innovative delivery methodologies.

Our Mission

To change the lives of our learners/students through education, improve the productivity and efficiency of organisations they are associated with and help to shape and develop exciting communities of the future.

Our Core Values

Everyone at LD Training is COMMITTED to the PROCESS!

  • PROFESSIONALISM – What Professionalism means to us; commitment and confidence, responsibility and dependability, honesty and ethics and appearance and presence.
  • RESPECT – Everyone within LDT, both staff and students, are expected to be respectful in nature, ensuring all staff and students are treated with the utmost respect and consideration.
  • OPPORTUNITY – At LDT we pride ourselves on ensuring everybody is given the opportunity to study and progress, no matter of their background, ambition or academic level.
  • CARE – Having care in all that we do is paramount for the success of our students and people we work with. At LDT we ensure everyone we work with feels valued and supported.
  • EXCELLENCE – We desire to be a leading provider of FE and HE educational pathways and ensure we are providing the highest quality tuition and service to our students/learners.
  • STUDENT FOCUSED – At LDT our student focused and flexible approach to learning is at the heart of all that we do, ensuring each and every student is given the best possible support and environment in which to flourish.
  • SUPPORTIVE – We ensure all associated with LDT are given all support necessary to ensure they are able to succeed in their studies, job role and personal life.