Student Referral

How to take part in our Student Referral Programme

Making a student referral is easy, simply follow the below steps.

1. Let your friends or family know about us and our courses.

2. A potential student then creates an application by calling, emailing us or completing an application form online. They must include the full name and student ID (if applicable) of their referrer in their application.

  • Email –
  • Admissions Team – 020 7998 3655
  • Application form using the “Apply Now” button.

3. Once we receive their tuition fee, the application process is completed successfully.

4. You will receive a £250* Love2Shop voucher for every referral (subject to our terms and conditions available below)

*Or a £500 voucher if you are using the Limited Time Promotion starting from 11/04/2023.


The form is intended for anyone who wishes to refer any potential students.

To participate in the Student Referral Programme, please complete and submit the form below.

LD Training Student Referral Programme Terms and Conditions

1. By using or participating in the Student Referral, the ‘referrer’ is bound by these terms and conditions and indicates their agreement to them. By participating, the referrer agrees that all of LD Training’s decisions are final and binding.

Who can be referred:  Anyone who meets the entry requirements of a programme that LD Training directly teaches can be referred.

2. LD Training will permit an unlimited number of referrals.

3. The new student must comply with the following conditions:

  • Submit an application and include the full name and student ID (if applicable), of their referrer.
  • Successfully complete initial admissions assessment.
  • Enrol onto chosen programme of study.
  • Have paid their tuition fees or completed the necessary arrangements to ensure that the Student Loan Company pays the fee.


5. The referrer will only receive payment for each new student referred, provided:

  • The referrer  must ensure that the new student includes the referrer’s full name and student ID (if applicable) so LD Training can identify where the referral originated from.
  • The referred  student has successfully enrolled onto their programme.
  • The  referred  student provides their referrer’s full name and student ID (if applicable) at the time of application.
  • LD Training receives the first instalment of the referred student’s tuition fees.

Data Protection Guidelines

1. LD Training needs to collect, store and process personal data about its staff, students, and other individuals it has dealings with, to carry out our functions and activities. LD Training is a controller for most of the personal data it processes and is committed to full compliance with the applicable data protection legislation including The Data Protection Act 2018 and the United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR).

2. Due to data protection and privacy regulations, the referrer will not receive any updates on the new student’s application or tuition fee payment status, except to be notified once the tuition fee has been received and so to request the referrer’s details for payment purposes.

3. If you are involved in study arrangements with any of LD Training Collaborative Partner Institutions, please note that all our partners are also Data controllers and are responsible for the same regulations as GBS and must comply with Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR. Please refer to each of our partner Institutions specifically for further information on their data protection guidelines.

Reward (Payment)

1. The referrer is entitled to a referral payment of the value listed above on this web page, per new student where all terms and conditions of the student referral scheme are satisfied.

2. Payments will be made approximately 4 months after successful tuition payment. Timescales vary depending on the course being studied.

4. No payment will be made if any tuition fees are in arrears for either the referrer or the new student.

5. Payment will be made in any way LD Training sees best at the time. This could be a voucher or item approximately the value listed above.

Changes to the Student Referral Scheme

LD Training Services Limited reserves the right to change the format of the student referral scheme, amend the terms and conditions or withdraw the scheme at any time.

Governing Law

Any disputes or claim arising out of or in connection with these conditions or their subject matter shall be governed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.