Our Partners

Over the last 12 years, LD Training have built up strong and meaningful relationships with partners across the UK and internationally.

LD Training has a prestigious history of partnership working, having subcontracted with numerous Further Education colleges and private training providers since 2009. As a result of these education partnerships, we have been able to widen participation within education across all levels from entry through to degree level. These partnerships have enabled us to provide much needed support and resources to communities on a national scale, helping to shape and develop both organisations and individuals, who may not otherwise engage with mainstream education. The opportunities we provide our students have built bridges to reduce barriers to learning, whilst the creation of safe and empathetic student focused learning environments have stimulated a desire amongst many learners/students to finally take the ‘brave step’ into higher education.

Build your future with Leeds Trinity — the small University with a big reputation.

LD Training diversified into tertiary education in September 2019 in order to strengthen our portfolio but also to provide ongoing career progression opportunities for our alumni. In this regard, we secured a collaborative partnership agreement with Leeds Trinity University to offer its Foundation Year Zero course from September 2019 at our new campuses in Dudley and Nottingham.

In September 2020, we launched the Leeds Trinity University Foundation Year course at our new campus in Stanmore, London, and Year 1 of the University’s Business and Management BA (Hons) degree at our Nottingham and Dudley campuses. Leeds Trinity University is one of the top UK universities for employability, demonstrated by the fact that ‘95% of our students employed or in further study six months after graduating’.

Leeds Trinity University are an industry pioneer when is comes to employability and career development,  with their commitment to successful graduate progression illustrated by the inclusion of professional work placements with every undergraduate degree programme, giving students a real-life work experience and a vast competitive advantage when it comes to gaining a graduate position upon completing their studies.


The University of Suffolk is a transformational university, absorbing the best of UK University traditions and aligning them to a twenty first century audience.

The University is a distinctive, thriving academic community which makes a clear impact in terms of employment and entrepreneurship, in line with its purpose, which is to change the lives of individuals and communities, for the better.

LD Training Services Limited (LDT) firmly believe in lifelong learning, and that everyone should have the opportunity to further their education. As such we believe offering additional degree programmes, validated by the University of Suffolk, to our students will be a positive and complementary addition to our current HE portfolio.


Established in 1916, the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) is a full member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) the global accounting standard-setter and regulator. The membership delivers the enhanced professional recognition and career prospects that comes with being able to call yourself an IFA Financial Accountant or Tax Adviser. In addition, you will receive dual membership of the Institute of Public Accountants (Australia) and be able to use the designatory letters AFA/MIPA or ATA/AIPA. IFA membership brings access to a community of like-minded professionals who benefit from supportive branch meetings, expert technical materials and inspiring events and CPD workshops.

Other Partners