Refer a friend & earn £500

How to take part in our Student Referral program
Making a student referral is easy, simply follow the below steps.

*Where intakes are taking place.

  1. Let your friends or family know about us and our courses.
  2. A potential student then creates an application by calling, emailing us or completing an application form online. They must include the full name and student ID of their referrer in their application.

Email –
Admissions Team – 020 7998 3655
Application form using the “Apply Now” button on our website:

  1. Once we receive their tuition fee, the application process is completed successfully.
  2. You will receive a £250* Love2Shop voucher for every referral (subject to our terms and conditions available below)

*Or a £500 voucher if you are using the Limited Time Promotion which started from 11/04/2023.

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