International Crisis

Given the extremely serious international situation arising from the Russian invasion/military action in Ukraine and the ensuing humanitarian tragedy, the Governing Board and Senior Management of LD Training wishes to assure any members of the LD Training family particularly affected by events that we will try and do all we can to support you at this most difficult of times.

Our priority is and always will be to support our students and staff and be there for you when needed.

If you or your extended family or friends are suffering from the events in Ukraine and you are understandably afraid or worried for them and this is adversely impacting upon your work or studies with LD Training please have the confidence and courage to inform relevant staff so that we can lend support and guidance to you.

Finally, given the global seriousness of the crisis we would ask all members of the LDT family to act with the dignity, respect and care for others which are our core values.

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