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The key responsibilities of the position of English  Language Programme Leader include –

  • Build and strengthen LD Training English Language delivering people.
  • Organize and manage the delivery of the organisation’s English Language provision
  • Develop relevant delivery materials and activities
  • Create appropriate tests & assignments
  • Detect students that need extra attention and create customized support plans
  • Grade tests and assignments
  • Offer useful and constructive feedback for student improvement
  • Records students’ grades and attendance
  • Research and deploy improved teaching methods
  • Assist with the recruitment of EFL Tutors
  • Peer observe EFL Tutors
  • Pro-actively take a leading role in any accreditation initiatives to strengthen the organisation’s profile and competency in terms of English Language
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders to engender a valuable student experience conducive to learning
  • Put together lesson plans in order to effectively incorporate the allotted duration of each lesson
  • Ensure lessons are imparted efficiently using diverse styles of teaching relevant  to the content
  • Create a lively classroom atmosphere to ensure students’ engagement
  • Help students understand the structure and rules of the English language
  • Deliver the requisite number of classes expected of a Programme Leader

To be successful in this role you will require the following skills

  • Proven managerial & subject expertise
  • Strong commitment to quality standards and an enthusiasm for innovative teaching and learning
  • Attention to detail and assurance of accuracy
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Strong commitment to personal continuing professional development
  • Team player

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